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Enter Anthony Ha‘s piece last week on the growing Los Angeles-based application Let’s Date.

Considering myself something of a mobile app anthropologist, I downloaded it, prodded along by Anthony’s glowing description of a beautifully designed app experience. Here are my thoughts and some feedback from some of my amazing lady friends I wrangled to test Let’s Date for me. Perhaps it’s because Let’s Date pulls in data from your Facebook profile, but all of the people my friends and I encountered seemed like actual real people.

As a result, I called my online “dating” experiment a wash and closed that brief chapter of my romantic life.

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There were ways around the charges, like sending the spam messages from the Internet rather than a mobile phone.

Text spam used to be rare in the United States because, compared with the email equivalent, sending texts was expensive.

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Publicize conclusion, for example, dating online that guy just started vancouver bc clubs in durban i wouldnt feel at home.

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